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Do you know somebody who deserves an award? Maybe you have a team MVP? Or perhaps you want to recognize your salesman of the month? Even if you don't, never underestimate the effectiveness of engraved chotchkies for your company's marketing efforts.
A plaque is a great way to commemorate any occasion
Just a few of the trophy toppers we offer Every day and in every way, people are doing special things, and they deserve to be noticed. A plaque is a simple, elegant and tasteful way to honor that person. For bigger occasions when somebody truly excels and becomes the best, nothing can give them chills quite like the honor receiving a trophy.

We don't just stop at plaques and trophies. We engrave nameplates, name tags, mugs, glasses, and even pens. We have both a rotary and a laser engraver that can carve out any pattern you want in wood, plastic, clear acrylic or metal.
Whether it's a trophy, a plaque or anything else you can think of (as long as it fits in the engraver), JEB Designs can provide whatever engraved goods your heart desires.
We can engrave all your company nameplates We can even engrave pens and pen cases
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