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JEB Designs Policies

Terms and Policies - JEB Designs, Inc reserves the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis to the list below. By placing your order with JEB Designs, Inc., you, the customer, consent to the following:

Our pricing is based on the cost of the product ordered and the embellishment(s) required. Prices can vary from season to season. We make every effort to purchase our products in bulk so that we secure the lowest price available from our suppliers. Any quote offered by JEB Designs will be honored for 30 days from quote date. Since all items are customized and unique, pricing must be supplied by your sales rep.
The exception to the above is Contract Screen Printing, which has a printed price sheet available to customers considered Contact Printing and or Embroidery customers. From time to time, deviations from the public Contract Pricing sheet may be offered. Should this occur, it will be done on an individual customer consideration based on volume and other circumstances and specific prices may be extended to specific customers at the discretion of JEB Designs.
Many pricing variables go into providing a finished garment. JEB Designs reserves the right to adjust Contract Prices based on these variables. We understand that Contract Printing and/or Embroidery customers may price their items, should they resale them, based on their Contract prices. Therefore, JEB Designs agrees to provide a 30 DAY NOTICE to any adjustments to Contract Pricing, public or specific to an individual customer. This is actual calendar days, not business days.

Order Minimums

Screen Print Orders
JEB Designs supplied garments – 12 pieces per color per location – exceptions to this policy may occur at the discretion of JEB Designs management.
Customer Supplied items – same as above plus Release Form must be signed. JEB Designs assumes no responsibility for customer supplied garments in the print process (see additional information regarding Contract Printing).

Embroidery Orders
JEB Designs supplied garments – no minimum

Unless otherwise approved prior to the order being placed, we require a 50% deposit to initiate an order. The remaining 50% is due upon order completion and prior to pick up/shipping.
For those accounts granted Net 30 Terms, all invoices are due 30 days from the invoice date. In the event that an invoice becomes past due, the customer will be notified and warned on the first occurrence. On the second occurrence, the account terms will be changed to Net 10 days. If there is a third occurrence, the account will have their terms revoked and will be on a pay up front, as you go basis. This policy is subject to review and exception by management.

Cancellation of Orders
Cancellation may result in a 15% restocking charge. This fee is charged by our suppliers to return blank goods. Cancellations are not permissible if items have already been embellished. JEB Designs reserves the right to liquidate any customized orders that have been cancelled or have not been paid for 90 days.

Turnaround Time
Standard turnaround is 7-10 working days from completion of approved artwork. Orders requiring less than 7-10 working days for completion may be subject to rush charges. Additional services, such as tag removal or retagging require additional time. Any changes, such as, but not limited to, add-ons, deletions, size or color changes, etc, will effect turnaround time and may result in delays.

Art charges are one–time fees for that specific design. Changes in original art may incur additional fees. These fees vary and will be quoted by your salesperson. Screens are the "stencils" used to print your garments. Screens are recyclable and remain the proper of JEB Designs. Art films/separations can be returned to the customer, providing they have a ZERO balance on their account, by request.

Art Proofing
All new artwork will be sent digitally for approval on a conceptual design sheet that approximates the shirt color, number of colors, design size, placement and a rendering of the design. Since every computer monitor is calibrated differently, contact your sales rep for exact ink and/or shirt colors. Please check all artwork for accuracy and spelling of information, colors, locations, size of art and placement BEFORE approving. Please note that once artwork is approved, JEB Designs will not be financially responsible for reprints or refunds for customized orders with incorrect information.
Please do not attempt to proof your artwork via cell phone. Cell Phones may not allow all images to transfer properly. Any images approved via cell phone offer no recourse for errors of any sort.

JEB Designs uses plastisol inks for most of our printing.. If your imprint requires an exact Pantone ink match, there will be an additional fee and at times, custom matches must be secured from our ink suppliers. If your job requires special specific ink colors, please make sure you have E-mailed your sales rep with this special information.

Relabeling and Tag Printing
On orders of over 144 pieces of same style garments, we offer relabeling services. The charge fee includes removal of the existing tags and printing of a new tag in the neck area. It is important to understand the many variables involved in this custom process. Keep in mind, the interior tag imprint may be visible from the exterior of the shirt and JEB Designs is not responsible for this occurrence. Cost for this process will be quoted on a job by job basis and is subject to change.

We have to cut out the existing labels (extra time/extra fees) and part of the label will still be visible under the collar seam. If the shirts are a variety of colors, the label may not be visible on certain colors, thus requiring an ink change and/or additional fees to be incurred. Please keep in mind that certain fabrics may allow for ink migration and JEB Designs assumes no responsibility for this occurrence, financial or otherwise.

Acceptance of Completed Orders
Upon receipt, please check your order and notify JEB Designs of any errors or quantity discrepancies WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS of delivery. JEB Designs is not responsible for any count or damage claims after 5 business days. This includes any issues with retagging.

Damage Claims & Reprinting
Our goal is to ensure that each order leaving JEB Designs' facility is correct and that every customer is satisfied. Please note the policy differences below, based on the type of order.
Orders where JEB Designs provides the garments to the customer that are printed incorrectly due to an error by JEB Designs will be reprinted or deducted from the invoice total, depending on the quantity of defects. Incomplete orders are common dues to supplier mistakes and normal spoilage in the printing/embroidery process (2.5% per location). In the event of a small shortage, the customer will only be invoiced for the quality shirts produced.

If you require an exact number of shirts on your order, we suggest you order 5% extra of each size and color to allow for the possibility of defective product. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the delivery of exact quantities. Unless the shortages/misprints are excessive, we do not replace the shortages without extra charges. If you need exact sizes and/or quantities, please make sure to discuss this with your sales rep PRIOR TO ORDER PRODUCTION.

On customer supplied goods, JEB Designs uses the industry standard of a 2.5% allowable reject rate per embellishment location (2 locations, 5%, 3 locations 7.5%) on the defect rate on the entire order. If we exceed this amount the customer will be credited for the cost of the garment(s).

JEB Designs IS NOT responsible for any "lost or potential revenue" associated with damaged goods or shortages.
Delivery and Shipping
JEB Designs does not offer delivery of orders. We will be happy to ship your order via UPS at the prevailing UPS rate. All shipping charges (incoming or outgoing) are the responsibility of the customer. JEB Designs reserves the right to make exceptions to these delivery policies. JEB Designs cannot be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for delays by shipping services.

In the case where a customer is drop shipping their orders into JEB Designs, the following should occur by the customer.
All Orders should be accompanied by a formal PO that corresponds with the cases being shipped in.

All PO should relate to only 1 print image. Each individual print image should have it's own PO.

All orders should be separated by PO and not different orders should not be combined into the same cases.

Should the JEB Designs be required to separate each case by print image, we reserve the right to assign a handling charge of $5.00 per case.
Social Sharing
On occasion, we may feature your design or customized product in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Please be sure to notify your sales rep prior to production both verbally and by E-Mail if you are not comfortable with us sharing your product socially.

E-Mail Privacy
JEB Designs collects E-mail address voluntarily given to us by our customers. This information is for internal use only and not sold or distributed to outsize sources. If you do not wish to be included in our E-mail correspondence, we will remove you from our E-mail list, but this will require that you conduct all of your business with JEB Designs face to face, in person.

Holidays and Closings
The following Holidays, as well as weekends, are not considered normal operational business days and should not be used to calculate turnaround times and deadlines.
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
In addition, acts of nature that require JEB Designs to close should not be considered in calculation of turnaround times and deadlines. We also assume no responsibility for delays or damages due to weather related closings.

Website Privacy Policy
This website is owned and operated by JEB Designs and the materials contained on this site are protected under various laws, including copyright and trademark laws. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, use or sale of and/or all portions of this website are prohibited. Images are for promotional use by JEB Designs only. Images may not be copied, modified or reused without prior written permission.

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